Stir-up Sunday is just a few days away and, for many people, the ceremony of stirring mincemeat and puddings or making the Christmas cake on the Sunday before Advent marks the start of the Christmas preparations.  As with everything we do over the next few weeks, whether it’s buying a new decoration for your tree, listening to your favourite festive album while planning your menu, or something entirely new, it’s the little things that we do – these little traditions – that make Christmas what it is for us and our families.

Tradition has become more important to me with age, and even more important as I became a parent. Many of the things that I’m passing on to my children have been with me since childhood, and it’s amazing to think that something we do with our children now could live on for many generations to come.  But tradition is more than a way to tell a story or pass on special sentiments, it’s also a way to create new memories and new chapters in our life – whatever the time of year.

This year, our children are old enough to enjoy the build up to Christmas without throwing cake mix on the wall, trying to pull down the Christmas tree, or seeing how many baubles they can fit into their mouth… hopefully!  It all starts on Sunday as we add the sixpence, stir the pudding, and make our wishes.  So whatever your tradition, do something you’ll want to talk about for years to come.