With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, you can’t help but notice the cards, red balloons, and heart-shaped chocolates every time you step into the high street.  It’s that time of the year where we take a moment to show we care and showing your cheesy or sentimental side is tolerated.  But what if you want to give something that’s a little different, a little more personal?  Hopefully this short list of alternative gift ideas will inspire you to do something truly individual!

Take a Walk

Staffordshire has some beautiful places to take a romantic stroll this time of year – from places to get coffee and cake, like the Trentham Estate, to peaceful snowdrop walks at Rode Hall & Gardens.  But this isn’t about clocking up the steps on your Fitbit!  It’s about taking time to do absolutely nothing.  Turn off your phone, get your boots muddy, and just enjoy your time together.

Breakfast in Bed

Everyone deserves a little lie in every once in a while and Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity for a treat.  It doesn’t have to be fancy but everyone will appreciate those extra moments of being pampered (maybe not the crumbs in the bed afterwards!)

Write a Love Letter

It might seem a little old fashioned, but spending time to write a love letter is a wonderful way of telling that special someone in your life that you care.  Whether you write something witty, charming, or emotional, this simple letter becomes a memory that will be treasured for years to come.

Afternoon Tea

This is the perfect way to finish that romantic walk in the countryside!  Whether it’s a hot flask of coffee and homemade cupcakes, or a formal sitting in a stately hall, there’s nothing like a little bit of indulgence to start your Valentine’s celebration.

Message in a Lunch Box

It’s one of the quickest and simplest things that you can do, but adding a cute note to a lunch box is a great way of setting up a romantic evening or saying thank you for a special weekend.  It’s guaranteed to make your other half smile.

Make Something

Hand made gifts are often overlooked but creating something unique is such a special way to show that you’re thinking of someone.  From the cute to the sentimental, I’ve collected some of my favourite ideas on Pinterest for extra inspiration.  The ‘Memories Frame’ is my favourite.

Get Engaged!

Whether it’s an engagement ring nestled in a rose at home, or a candle lit dinner in your favourite restaurant, Valentine’s Day is such a special time for any romantic to get engaged.  If you think ahead, hiring a photographer to capture this special moment is a great way to start your wedding story 🙂

Regardless of what you give, have a great Valentine’s Day!

– Matthew.