What is Motherhood?

Motherhood often starts with a dream, one full of hope and anticipation.  It’s the start of a lifelong bond, a love like no other for someone that you’ve yet to meet.  It’s more than a role, it’s a purpose: it defines some and empowers others.

It’s knowing there will be sleepless nights ahead, early mornings, or being woken at 3am because they miss you.   It’s knowing all the best places to visit within a 20 minute drive, and the places that have toilets.  It’s taking longer to pack than the actual outing.  It’s needing three sets of spare clothes each time you leave the house – for both of you!  It’s putting the cereal in the fridge and the milk in the dishwasher because you’ve only had two hours of sleep.

It’s the unconditional love, supporting them, giving them room to dream.  Letting them go but being there when they fall.  It’s knowing that you can’t always protect them against everything bad in the world, or fearing that they might not always be there.  It’s the cuddle when you get home from a bad day and realising nothing else is all that important.

It’s being the gatekeeper of their legacy, the storyteller to their life: the photos, the letters, the certificates that chronicle who they became and where it all started.  It’s looking through the family albums and remembering the innocence and beauty in their eyes, the pride that comes with seeing how they grew and knowing that you did that.

It’s admiring the drawings that hide the fridge, being amazed at magic that starts with “close your eyes”, laughing at missed punchlines because what they say is funnier than the joke.  It’s splashing in muddy puddles, baking at the weekend, their face when they see you at the end of school, special Saturday cereal and Sunday afternoon snuggles with a film and popcorn.  It’s watching them grow, shaping their future, leaving your mark on the world.

It’s realising a dream.